How do i deploy js/css files with media libraries and apps?

should i use copy to output or what should i do?

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use the embedded resource mechanism. create a folder named resources and put your files there. add them to your project either by UI or by using this line (for each resource): <EmbeddedResource Include="resources/DrawRects.js" /> (Please note that for our resolution mechanism it is crucial to put resources into the resources folder for non framework assemblies, see

in your suave server you now need to register the embedded resource by using: Reflection.assemblyWebPart assembly assembly here stands for the assembly the resource was actually embedded into. as convention use a dummy type: type EmbeddedResources = EmbeddedResources the registration now looks like: Reflection.assemblyWebPart typeof<EmbeddedResources>.Assembly

library consumers now need to rembember to register resources embedded into the library. since we have the EmbeddedResources type convention it is easy to adress a type within the library assembly in order to the the runtime assembly.

if you have a better idea, feel free to contribute (seealso the commit linked above)

Step-by-step Instructions:

  • In the dll which shall have the embedded file, create a "useless" Type named EmbeddedResources

  • copy the file to include into folder "resources" in your project folder. Add it to project. Set the resource type to EmbeddedResource

  • In the client program, which shall receive the served file, create a Reflection.assemblyWebPart of the "useless" type:

    let t = typeof<Aardvark.UI.Primitives.EmbeddedResources>
    WebPart.startServer 4321 [ 
        MutableApp.toWebPart' app.Runtime false instance
        Reflection.assemblyWebPart (t.Assembly)
Posted 1 years ago

Posted 1 years ago