How can I obtain the current framerate of my Aardvark.Renderer?

Aardvark.Rendering is an incremental renderer, so frames are only generated if they are necessary. Is there a way to profile my the performance of my rendering i.e. how can I tell the renderer to render as fast as possible (rafap)?

Update: I'm using Aardvark.Media.

Posted 1 years ago
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you can set this attribute (on the render control): data-renderalways please note that render-always is not incremental, i.e. once initialized with true or false respectively you cannot change the behaviour.

or use this imperative command in debugger console: setRenderAlways

for retrieving the current fps you can use this attribute

unfortunately I can't get it to run with the developer console. tried the following: DrShirota   1 years ago Report
$("n2"),setRenderAlways and $("n2").attr("data-renderalways") DrShirota   1 years ago Report
option one works perfectly thanks DrShirota   1 years ago Report

for default Aardvark.Application render windows, the keybinding is Ctrl+End

This does not work for Aardvark.Media :( DrShirota   1 years ago Report