How can I avoid that Media (probably CEF) captures my mouse events?

For instance, I move the camera forward by holding down RMB and dragging it. When I drag it outside of the window and only then release RMB, it is still consired pressed when the mouse pointer reenters the window.

Posted 1 years ago
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I think the active control actually gets the mouse-up event but maybe the cameracontroller behaves inconsistently. However when switching to a different application (alt+tab) the state will still be messed up.

The only fix I can think of is to register events for loosing/getting focus. I think they're called onblur and ongotfocus or similar.


Posted 1 years ago
The blur event in the camera is only triggered when switching to a different application. But we might also need an event when the mouse pointer just leaves the window. DrShirota   1 years ago Report
maybe onMouseLeave - DrShirota   1 years ago Report