How do I add a new project to an existing solution?

Are there any special measures to be taken when adding a new project to an existing solution?

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yes there are

  • Create new project in visual studio
  • In project folder, create paket.references and add packages
  • build install
  • In visual studio, go to project properties --> Build
    • remove "prefer 32 bit" (All configurations)
    • fix output paths from [local directory] to "..\..\bin\[Debug|Release]"
    • (remove .xml output - XML documentation file)
    • Set Target F# runtime to ""
    • Set Target Framework to ".NET Framework 4.7.1"

updated for v4

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In the latest version of VS2017, prefer 32 bit and XML file are disabled by default. Attila Szabo   1 years ago Report
Did this change with the move to FSharp.Core? Probably DrShirota   1 years ago Report
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