Why is Visual Studio 2017 so slow ????

VS2017 takes excruciating long to to come up with intellisense suggestions, sometimes it even freezes when I'm just typing. This painful experience has largely been made with version 15.6.6.

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The solution provided here is originally from Harry Stonelicker. This issue is decribed here

possible solutions to VS2017 sluggish behavior are unchecking following features in Text Editor > F# > Code Fixes / Performance

Now my syntax highlighting is broken ... Attila Szabo   1 years ago Report

Consider looking into alternative IDEs:

  • Jetbrains Rider for .net framework and non-media solutions (they don't yet support .net core for F#, there are also problems with the diffGenerator)
  • VS Code for .net core or standard solutions, tooling is provided by the ionide-fsharp extension
Posted 1 years ago
Edited 1 years ago

According to the new 15.7 Preview 4 should be faster. I'll try it and see if that's true...

Posted 1 years ago

Visual Studio 2019 is faster - they also seemed to have fixed the intellisense memory leak.

Posted 7 months ago