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PixImage from IOutputMod<ITexture>

Can I get a PixImage fom an IOutputMod<ITexture>? I tried the code from the question How to download depth image, screenshot and it works fine, but it would be nice if I could use the texture I've already got (from using RenderTask.renderToDepth)

Posted 3 years ago
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hey, you basically need to do something like:

let tex : IOutputMod<ITexture> = ...
tex.Acquire() // acquires a reference to it
let currentTex = tex.GetValue(AdaptiveToken.Top) |> unbox<IBackendTexture> // we know that it's a backend-texture here
let img : PixImage = runtime.Download(currentTex) // or some other download function (including level/etc.)
tex.Release() // release our reference since we don't need the texture anymore
Posted 3 years ago