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Generation of .g file fails: wrong indentation for option of tuple in DomainType

Hi, I have a problem with an automatically generated .g file.

I'm using a DomainType which includes an option of a tuple, like this: option<TypeA * TypeB>. TypeA and TypeB are not DomainTypes.

The section of the resulting .g file corresponding to that entry has faulty indentation. If I correct the indentation in the .g file everything works fine.

I made a branch to demonstrate the problem in my project: https://github.com/RebeccaNowak/CorrelationPanels/tree/incorrect_g_file

The problematic files are DiagramAppTypes.fs and DiagramAppTypes.g.fs

Is this a known problem? I can work around it, but it would be nice to have a solution.

Thanks, Rebecca

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Answers 2

Tuples are not supported by the diff generator (this is an open iusse). Please use records.

Posted 4 years ago
Edited 4 years ago

sorry rebecca, i messed it up: https://github.com/aardvark-platform/aardvark.compiler.domaintypes/issues/1

Posted 4 years ago